Friday, May 11, 2007

Here’s a story which is a part of me-

Of people who let me be who I want to be.

It was one evening we decided to talk-

Of old laughs and old tears,

Of times gone by and old peers.

She sat pretty with her crimson gown-

Flashing a smile which pulls you up when you’re down.

Poised she is but never calm-

Always moving to a tune or lisping a hum.

Another sat confused brushing her hair-

Saying words of concern and care.

She hides it well, but it manages to escape-

The secret tear which nurses her heartbreak.

Nineteen candles glowed bright and clear-

Her mind disturbed at the thoughts of a future so near.

The mind is in a daze and her heart flutters like a dove-

We all know, my dear, you are so deep in love.

Another sat smiling and blushing next to me-

Fussing over food and refusing her tea.

A lady of words and a lady of rhymes-

A loving reminder of all our happy times.

All that said, there still remains one-

Who talks incessantly out of her turn.

Tries hard to keep her bonds well-

But somewhere down the line, she fears she might fail.

The night grew older and we knew it was time-

We hugged and smiled our parting smiles.

We left back promises of reliving these times with each other.

‘Coz we all know that,no matter how tough the going gets,

“It’s always better when we’re together”.....

P.S:this is lousy poetry....but the 5 people concerned know it's the feeling which is overwhelming and heart-warming


Shreya Sarkar said...

Thank you for such a lovely poem...really touching,and sure reminds us of good times.And I specially liked what you wrote about me....thanks once again.

Achluophobia said...

This is very good. A very nice poem. Not lousy poetry. Just your modesty.

Neel said...

beautifully thought out. well rhymed. the feelings it evokes is all that matters. and thats what touches a reader. While reading it, I felt as if i was present there last evening and all the 4 friends have come out in flesh and blood through your lines. Keep writing.

little boxes said...

hey thanks to all of you...

The Darkish Overlord said...

great poem...reminded me a bit of t.s. eliot...but in a completely original way, without the darkness and morbidity that eliot expressed...okay now that i come to think of's the smooth rhyming pattern...very original

DS said...

beautiful. it really reminds me of my school friends and all the 'adda' sitting on the stairs..... nostalgia is very contagious!!

angeleyes said...

oh my god!!!!!!!!!!! thanx so much..... its beautiful. n sure its best whn we r together coz who else wud c thru the smiling face to the secret tear????????????

Indranil said...

Since I lack the literary prowess to write a deeply meaningful comment, I'll just say that this was nice poetry.

Shamash said...

beautiful poem.. had a lot of memories sticking to it...
made me go through a similar feeling... really nice

Princess Banter said...

No it's not lousy, silly! I think it's a very beautiful poem that appreciates the real essence of friendship! Friends, as we get older, become a more and more hazy concept... age and time becomes a good filter of friendships -- and we see who sticks around at the end. Those are our real friends :)

disillusioned darkling said...

amazing blog...really creative,and thnxx for visitng mine....

sublimely ordinary. said...

lousy!!!! far from it. it's beautiful my dear.everything about this poem is just perfect.