Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hairloss,exams and anonymity

I remembered those high school songs today-the stuff we listened to when our hormones had lives of their own...
Mohiner Ghoraguli was one of the bands i started listening to,at 15...from old cassettes Ma collected.does anyone listen to cassettes these days?are tape recorders available these days?
I think i have a carton full of cassettes lying somewhere in the Golf Green house,or maybe the Salt Lake house.I must look into it this time and maybe,i'll look for my walkman too.
Anyway,after about 5 years from when i was 15, i listened to these lines...

"Kauke cheno na tumi,
tomake chene na keu-
shei to bhalo..."

("it's good that you know no one,and no one knows you)

I realised that one may run from one city to another in search of that evading anonymity,but very few things change.You become a known face,your habits become known,everyone comes to know what you like to eat,everyone ends up knowing how much you love purple...
everyone comes to know how you lose hair during exams.
each year.every year.