Friday, June 27, 2008

mountains,rains and red spots...

Kathmandu is no more what it was.
It is plagued with strikes and the constant debate between monarchy and democracy.
Dhulikhel and Nagarkot are just as pretty as they used to be. The rains seemed to be the finery for the pretty new bride the mountains became...the clouds were like the veil she removed to see us standing awestruck,with her beautiful shy eyes.
and somewhere amidst the running around in Thamel and gambling away in Annapurna and Soaltee,i caught a virus which makes me look like a dead body which has escaped from its far as my eyes stretch,i can only see ugly reddish dots with white centres.
for people who still dont get it-yes,i have chicken pox.and my trip had to be cut short

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ten years hence,when we think of days like today, we will probably go on with our lives as if this day didn't exist at if the bitterness,the tears, the fights...nothing existed.
maybe we will cry over spilt milk someday and yet break into a fake smile and say "fine" when the world asks,"hey,how you doing?"
we will go on this way.putting on masks after masks,till we can hardly differentiate between what was our face and what was a mask...but we shall move on,as if we don't wear any masks at all,and life is just as dandy as we say it is...
as if days like today don't exist at all.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

to the rain

it rained incessantly yesterday.there is this old connection between me and rains-they just do something to me.words, which lay trapped somewhere between the layers of my skin, start revolting-they twist,they turn in their efforts to leave behind the entrapments of skin and blood and set wings to fly away into the sky which is a sad shade of grey.i see them wanting to set sail and reach that little patch of blue which lies beyond the stretch of sky before my eyes.but when i cant set them free,i begin to feel almost miserable, much like the young girl who wanted to wake up and see sunshine,but woke up into a rainy day.
this is all i managed.

Stealing a peep through your blacks and whites today,
I saw how the rains tattoo words of love-
On the earth's brown face,with its small needles of silver.
I saw the clouds make love to the earth,
As they left behind watery kisses-
In secret potholes and puddles.

I saw the woman standing next to her window,
As her fingers groped for a nameless dream,
That lay beyond that grey stretch of sky.
Leaving aside your blacks and whites,I saw her sing,
As rainclouds gathered in her eyes.

P.S: Lousy.I know.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

tears unexpected

i have been convincing myself that i am no longer the cry baby i was in school.i had begun to believe that i can see life as it is without letting salt water well up my eyes.
i had begun to think that i have "grown up" and then came today...
i still don't believe that i let that lump of sorrow grow in my throat and let those tears flow.
i really didn't know that i would miss people who were strangers till the last month.
life's like that...there are people who walk in and before you can walk some distance with them,they walk out.but when they leave you see footprints that they leave behind which shows you which way you need to walk,the next time you don't know where to go.
thanks to everyone in HT City who made the last month memorable for me.
will miss you.