Wednesday, September 24, 2008


to you.for giving me the time of my life!

we met on a crowded street-
amidst a cacophony of honking cars.
and we watched the world pass by,
mixing coffee with fleeting hours.

we drew houses on an autumn afternoon-
on sheets of satin spread over the sky.
in the deep brown of our coffees,
i saw dreams coming to life in your eyes.

through rainy mornings and stormy nights,
the dreams strive,but they survive.
they plaster the walls of the house we drew;
the house believed to see us through...

Saturday, September 13, 2008


there are times when you dont believe your own ears and refuse to believe things you is one...
i really dont have words to describe the feeling of knowing that your favourite haunts are now washed with blood.i really cant describe the stiff feeling of relief over the fact that my sister and i werent at our favourite coffee shop this evening...
there are times when nothing matters except the fact that you're still alive.
weirdly enough,i was in an auto when all this happened...sharing my fear with a muslim auto driver,who was getting frantic calls from his family just as i was.just as that happened, i realised that hindus and muslims arent the ones who plant's actually a question of human beings and monsters!i really hope he made his way to his home safely.
2 out of the 5 blasts happened within a kilometre of college-at M block market which also happens to be the place my friends and i go to kill time in between free periods and another 2 happened in CP which happens to be my favourite shopping place here.
i really cant define in words what i am going through as i watch fleeting images on the tv which dont register on my brain and get scared by the slightest loud sound around...i am worried for the friends whose phones are all unreachable and for the sister who cant get through the day without a coffee from DePaul's,relieved that i decided not to go shopping in Janpath today and worried that tomorrow might not be as lucky a day.
Lord,let there be peace.