Sunday, November 22, 2009

Plasticine smell and Fountain ponytail.

I was on my way to teach the kids-running down the Khan Market-Pandara Road junction when there was this sudden waft of plasticine smell.It was kind of weird because there was nothing around me except a huge plot of Metro construction which didnt have a remote possibility of using plasticine!yet there it the air around the air that entered my being.
i remembered days,seventeen years back,in a ground floor classroom-not very brightly lit,with colourful boards on the walls.i remembered this girl who sat next to me,who later came to know the best, and perhaps the worst, of me.this girl whose cheek i used to tug at everyday-with so much force that she cried (the cause of my violent streak still remains unexplained).and the very next morning,there she would be-smiling at me,with a fountain-like ponytail on top of her head.
pains we cause these days, seem to stay on forever.
i wish things were as simple now.