Tuesday, July 3, 2007

i have been tagged

tagged??!!!i have always dreaded this....

8 things about me:
1.i am unapologetic.i don't repent anything i do-if i have been rude,the person was very well deserving of all the flack he got
2.i used to write stuff,but wont any longer.
3.i am one of those few people who do not like cheesecake-cakes are meant to be sweet and not cheesy(in taste i mean)
4.i have around 25 pairs of shoes which i seldom wear and 100 pairs of earrings which i use and overuse.
5.i am moody.very.(this should have been in the #1 slot)
6.i am too much in love with the city i live in,and would hate to leave it for even the best college in the country
7.i fear i might just end up doing that.
8.i am over rated-everyone overrates me.teachers,parents,boyfriend,girlfriend,senior,junior,sister,brother.EVERYONE!!!

...now do i have tag people??bull!!
i tag neel,indranil and anindita....
i hereby declare that i dont take any responsibility and not,in any way,am liable if the people i tagged dont reciprocate!!

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