Friday, March 25, 2011


- I thought you didn't take sugar in your tea.
-Well, you never wore funny golfer caps either.
-Are we here to fight?
-I am here for the sugar bowl.
-Wow, isn't that sweet of you!
-I'd smile at that, but Diabetes at this age could be fatal for you.

Occasionally punctuated by soft sips of tea and the whirring of the cappuccino machine.
Somewhere across the window, street lights make love to the rain water.
Somewhere on that table, a sugar bowl lies untouched.
Traffic lights turn red on the threads of a golf cap.
And the radio plays songs of love.

Pic: Bombay, 2011


storyteller said...

beautiful photography, beautiful thoughts :)

Magically Bored said...

No idea what this is about, but it's nice. :)

little boxes said...

like most blog posts, it's about nothing in particular :)

Aruni RC said...

its the nothings in particular that get so full of meaning later on. short and crisp.

Somewhere Circus said...

Is that Golf Green I see on your header?

This is Soumashree. I'm one of your virtual friends on Facebook. Your blog is very interesting. :)

little boxes said...

what a lovely surprise,ching :) yes it is golf green.the road infront of my house

Neel said...

I remember street lights make love to rain water. sooo beautifully expressed. btw, didn't i comment on this one earlier? it's an amazing piece.