Saturday, April 23, 2011

I sometimes wonder if all this will actually turn out the way we've been told.
Is it not possible that these colours that we've painted are meant to turn gray, and these roads we've walked will all be dust one day?
All our pages will be ashes, all our words- hollow syllables mouthed by some alien tongue.
Does it not make sense then to start on that run now?
To come out in the t-shirt and shorts you've slept in and take the next bus to that sleepy, foggy little town?
To start spinning in circles till we get too dizzy to even stand straight up?


Subhalakshmi Roy said...

gee, why so dark and broody?

Astraeus said...

aaah, there you go.
my favourite genre :-)

Somewhere Circus said...

I love your writing. :)

Interestingly, word verification: unsedi. Might be deep south Bengali for 'unshady', which further pronounces that you are no shady character.

Saudamini said...

It's beautifully written. :)

Ditsy Mae said...

You have my applause! Live in the now. Live each moment like there may not be a next one. I have found much contentment in my marriage simply by living each day with my husband as if we may not have tomorrow. You have captured the essence of happiness with your words.

Magically Bored said...

Not sure what brought this on, but as the above poster has said, (and very appropriately), live in this moment. A lot of things could happen, but you do have the power to change/affect them. So simply living and loving life, and making the right choices, helps.

Animesh Ganguly said...

It would be different, and enjoyable if it happens to turn out that ways someday :)