Friday, May 21, 2010

So Long.

-Are you filling up the nomination form?

-I think so. But I dunno…might not end up doing it.

-Hey, you filling up the form right?

-I dunno. You’ll get through. You did it last year also.

-This is Vani.



-Err…Hi. We have a film to work on and we have three hours.

I am actually glad the selection interviews never took place and the fact that we were the only four who had applied. I know I wouldn’t have got selected (what with my silly habit of “umm”ing and “hmm”ing during interviews) and then I wouldn’t have met you guys.

I have been putting this off for quite sometime now thinking I’d write this post “later” but I figured there is no “later” anymore and not writing about the last year with you three would just be unfair.

I came to know one of you only in Agra after you threw up laughing at something I said. You, I thought, were just too cool and well read and therefore we had nothing in common. And you, I thought, are really very pretty and extremely cerebral till you became my our own special child.

But thank god, I came to know you.

Through a year of screening bad films that everyone attended and good films no one did and a year of borrowing staplers from other societies, making glasses out of Coke bottles and seeing files getting chewed up by dogs, we have lived- occasionally losing tempers, weeping, not giving a damn and smelling flowers. The important part is that we lived and lived together.

Whatever we end up doing- FTII film appreciation course as a graying but still as-cool-as-ever fifty year old, assisting Tarantino, peeing off flyovers or just being whiny about life, I just want you guys to remember the last one year and that I’m very very thankful for your tolerance and love.

Ladies, it has been a pleasure.

If any of you three are reading this, you’d know :)

-“We are Projekt with a K, we are cool ok? Hui!”


girl in the dirty shirt said...

yes. at the risk of sound oh so very mushy. it was the best year in college. only because of projekt with a k and you lovely ladies. :(
cheers to us, and our uncertain future/s.

girl in the dirty shirt said...

i just read it again. im just a blob of mush right now.

Karthik Purushothaman said...

Peeing off flyovers, are you serious? :D

little boxes said... be very scared and run away.

storyteller said...

This somehow made me very happy right now.'Nuff said.

sujaan said...

a post on a movie screening society has never been so kool, err i mean cool :P
amazing read,as always :)

Magically Bored said...

Very sweet post. :)

Vagabond said...

:D This be a very happypost.

Astraeus said...

tui toh emnitei kool

~Moo-lah Buz!nezzz~ said...

haha!..peeing off flyovers.

reema said...

A Movie Screening Society??... Waaaat? Amazing.

little boxes said...

yes Reema :)
film and photography society

Anindita said...

that's so good......we'll talk later about why u never told me before...... :D

Queer Fish said...

How is it that I haven't seen this till now?
Peeing off flyovers, I'm still living the dream. :D
I'm going to miss you guys immensely. We're going to make such a mess of it this year. Special child needs all her mothers to tell her how to book a venue (even a year later!) and who to call. And not to message Balbir Bhaiyya about Madhuri Dixit's innocent sensuality.
You guys gave me some sense of belonging in that place.
Major love,