Thursday, June 4, 2015

To Farewells.

You, who left with
Dots on your laces
From all the colours
Spilled on our faces.

You, with who I
Walked a night
And watched cars
Become lines of light.

You, whose gravel voice
Fell and rose
With an old love song
From phones clutched close.

You, who left with 
All my rainclouds, 
Still play with the rain
In roads of strange crowds.

You, who still writes
Rhymes to past winters' chills,
Still can't do much to heal
This summer's burns
And heart spills.

P.S: Though I haven't updated the blog in very long, I have been writing on and off. I don't really know why I didn't publish any of them here. But here is one and I hope I will keep coming back to this blog and writing into this comforting space of radio silence.


Astraeus said...

love this one beady. and good to see you back.

Subhalakshmi Roy said...

Missed you here. :)

Aruni RC said...

thank you for writing here again. Old times and old old words. Maybe a new fire?

Angika said...

Very nice, Riya. Just saw this. Wish you a fruitful time in NY!

Nymph said...

It's beautiful.

sujaan said...

Riya, very nice to read your poetry again :) I like the visuals of this poem... I would want read the poems you have not published... perhaps you can send them to me?

I have also been writing but not putting stuff up on the blog. Guess these blogging trends come in waves :D

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