Thursday, December 13, 2012

"The only truth I know is you..."
Simon and Garfunkel, Kathy's Song

Getting lost is easy I've been told
One only needs to walk into somewhere faraway.
I walked into walls this morning
Spotless, and naked in their bareness;
And reels of negatives flashed in my head
Waiting to be born into frames nailed to this emptiness.
Too many walls in too many places
Wait for too many of these frames,
I tried getting lost into the lanes with no names.
Every road is really a blanket-
Straining to contain every memory waiting to be born,
They tear at their seams while the tongues grow louder
All telling tales you and I have forever known.
I lose nothing in getting lost, all I am is with you
Where do I get lost into
When you are everywhere I go to.
Getting lost is easy they say
Now I believe them too.


Deya said...

Garfunkel inspires poetry. Your poetry inspires more poetry.

jo said...

Circular, but beautiful verse as always. Keep them coming!