Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On Leaving Home.

If you listen carefully enough, you'll hear nothing.
Because growing up doesn't make too much of a noise. It just happens in its own sweet time- perhaps when two girls spend an entire afternoon listening to old hindi film songs or maybe when they sleep hugging their four pillows on a bed made of the creakiest of all wood, on cheap pink mattresses printed with yellow flowers.
even the smallest of rooms have stories to tell; ours probably has epics to narrate. or maybe not.
maybe it chooses to keep to itself the beauty of seeing those fairy lights light up and the fragility of that moment when we could see both our heads crowned with the lights reflected on the glass of the poster. the walls will still probably breathe out the words our fingers scribbled on them with blunt pencils and pens with lost caps, and whisper how loudly we laughed.
we have kept bits of us in the mess of newspapers that we left back and took back bits off the wall stuck to the duct tape behind the posters.
and our lives will continue to be this way-- a bit of us in that dust and a bit of 231 that we brought back.

this one's for ria, for 231...without whom not a day in the last two years would've made sense.

p.s: i wish this was better written but right now, words fail me and this is all i can manage.


Nefertiti said...

ahhh... I can so identify with the post. for me it was room no 213. there is something about those three numbers (1,2,3) that makes roomie bonding a little more special, a little more nostalgic and a little more hard to let go.

P.S. lovely post as always, so don't even bother about the disclaimer.

rapunzel said...

I don't know why this made me cry, howl. BDC, wish you the best and a big hug. :)


Subhalakshmi Roy said...

For me it was 237. And a host of other rooms too...221 lohit, 231 ganga, 164, 165 godavari...but 237 was bari...

it is amazing how we would crib about the size of the rooms when we would move and...and howl and be at a loss for words when we move out...

Aruni RC said...

"took back bits off the wall stuck to the duct tape behind the posters"
there are bits of us in these everyday things. very well written, as always. i think you've managed to capture this entire sense of transition that we all face at the end of any epoch in life - school end, college, postgrad, etc.
shine on!

wild iris said...

i'm going to feel the same in a month's time...heck, it's already settling in. this was beautiful.

Astraeus said...

change is always good. it makes one appreciate the things one takes for granted.


Wild Strawberry said...

This is so beautiful. good luck ahead..