Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rains either make me feel very happy or extremely sad, never anything in between. And it has been raining in Delhi for two days now- the kind that always accompany the winter on its way back home. There's something comforting that I find in winters. Something very personal, probably because I am a winter born. Something soothing, something very freeing. These days have not given me much chance to do anything with them-they have been coming and going without leaving behind too many footprints. It's like walking on a drawn line- you have no choice but to walk, you dont know where you are headed but you know you're moving, getting somewhere. I dont remember the last time I was this unsure. It's like being thirteen again- underconfident, confused and zero willpower. I guess there are always those issues that never go away irrespective whether one is thirteen or one hundred and thirteen.

On good days, I enjoy my active bursts....like the day I did up the room, or went gift shopping for a very close friend, or roamed around the streets of Bombay doing nothing. On some bad days, I feel I cant do a thing and on others i feel that I can do a lot but do nothing about it.

I am hoping this is only a phase or if it isnt, that it behaves like one.

And that summers never come.

P.S: the pictures are of one of the walls of my room. The part which lies empty in the middle will soon have an original DDLJ poster I picked up from Chor Bazaar :)


The Ketchup Girl said...

that's a cool wall! Would love to see what the rest of the room looks like. :) Lamps, books, low seating, earthy colours, cds scattered?

And..its only a phase. We all go through them, don't we? perk up!

rapunzel said...

lovely, and this too shall pass.
also, woohoo, original ddlj poster, i hear? -envy-

sujaan said...

heyy read your stuff after a while... yes rains and winters have something very powerful about them, and can influence your mood tremendously... :) hopefully for the better...

Magically Bored said...

Ah yes, these are phases. They pass. Don't worry. I have sudden bursts of doing lots of stuff, and then really lazy languid phases when I don't feel energetic enough to do anything at all.
Love the posters.

yasho said...

I LOVEEEE your wall!!