Sunday, December 26, 2010

I realise I havent blogged for the longest time. Apologies.
It isnt that nothing worth writing happened but just that I was too lazy to jot it all down. That road trip did happen-in women's unreserved compartments and in autos manned by talkative men. We walked the town in two days and spent our Diwali watching fireworks light up the night sky, sitting by the Gudesar lake. I wish I was adept enough to describe the moments in words.

We came back to face our first semester exams and its accompanied frenzy of writing hurried papers and spending sleepless nights and bathless days cooped up in our cold hostel rooms. We came back home after that. In a Rajdhani, that too. So everyone who thinks I'm too la-dee-da for trains, you can give our mouths a little rest :P

Home has always been too much of drama for me, and this year hasnt been any exception. But all these years have taught me to take a seat and enjoy all the drama while it lasts. So this year I decided to oil my hair, sit down in my balcony-right in the middle of the spot of warm yellow sunshine, peel out oranges and see the world act out its drama on the road infront of my house.

Winters are meant for just that.
And for learning how to make a new dessert everyday.
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, have a good year ahead.


karthik purushothaman said...

good to see you back or get a glimpse of you spreading wings for the next big flight. Dunno how cool it is for you in the actual trip, but over here, it's nice to see you around.

Would be glad if you stuck longer, or maybe more often.

Magically Bored said...

Good to see you've blogged again! Basking in the winter sunshine with some hair-oil and a couple of oranges is the best feeling. :)

wild iris said...

Merry Christmas, B! Can't imagine you with oiled hair, hee. :p Which desserts can you make now? Teach me!

little boxes said...

@kweetee: i can now make a baked cheesecake, caramel pudding and marble cake :)

Monidipa said...

No mention of me. =( Didn't I light up the Ganges by turning up? (Okay, maybe not. But I was there. Let it be proclaimed?)

little boxes said...

aww of course you did mandy!
will post a diff post with you in it :)

Rahul Saha said...

Have a good Christmas! I love winters and yes, they are a time to relax and reflect on all the screw ups of the previous year.