Friday, October 3, 2008

i remember when i was much younger,i used to keep a diary-minute details of everything i did,went into it.
the first time i waxed,i wrote something describing the excruciating pain.
and when i got my cartilage pierced last saturday,i was reminded of that long forgotten entry and suddenly began to miss my diary...
the diary,like many other things,has been a part of the childhood i have grown out of.
it's almost been like a cloak which i happened to slip off when no one was noticing.
each time i'm reminded of some old's like finding some thread,of that old cloak,that was left behind.
when i was talking to a school friend a few days back and planning a visit to maddox,i remembered how i refused to leave the golf green pandal,as a kid when any world beyond golf green refused to exist for me!
when you find these threads,you almost begin to hope to sew back the old cloak and wear it again.
but then,we realise that maybe you could have the cloth back but the tailors have all gone far away-way beyond any distance our calls can reach.
we realise that,maybe,growing up isnt that great a deal after all.

p.s:this is a very impulsive post...the language isnt at its best usage.sorry!


Pongy Papaya said...

does anybody really care about the language when the ornamentation here is something as genuine as ur emotions??

the cloak part .. so true & so simply yet beautifully written.. the impulse makes it more beautiful

and u look nice bebe:)

solo said...

i love your posts!
they r so full of innocence and happiness!
p.s.- at the risk of sounding like bridget jones, i still have a diray... what the blogworld and people can't help me with, my diary helps without fail!

~Moo-lah Buz!nezzz~ said...

ouch,the piercing musta hurt.....!!!

little boxes said...

@moolah: as a matter of fact,it didnt!

wild iris said...

I've thought about stuff like that so's strange how a part of me always wants to 'grow up' while the rest of me just wants to stay put *sigh* That's life m'dear... Thankfully I still have my diary, honestly, I couldnt do without it!
And oh, wild flowery classmate? SERIOUSLY? :D

Moon Strummer said...

are we all going through similar phases huh?

sujaan said...

brought back memories...growing up is not a bad deal either, u can be a kid whenever u want...i liked the "when you find these threads,you almost begin to hope to sew back the old cloak and wear it again"...very nice...

Fishy! said...

The ear piercing looks nice.

Enchantress said...

ooooo i am sporting something like it on my piercing as well.....i knw it hurts like hell...but worth it :))).....n for the 1st few days...u cant even sleep properly on ur sides....again worth it ;)

but i do have a diary for those very personal helps

Rahul Saha said...

growing up? whos growing up? youre young only once. true. but you can be immature forever.

Burberry Princess.. said...

hey... hate the language apology! its perfectly fine and very touchung! =)

Neel said...

some of the best things in our lives are those that are most impulsive. Well...nothing could be more painful than the story of the little prince..

farustar said...

I do believe we know what you mean :)