Wednesday, June 18, 2008

to the rain

it rained incessantly yesterday.there is this old connection between me and rains-they just do something to me.words, which lay trapped somewhere between the layers of my skin, start revolting-they twist,they turn in their efforts to leave behind the entrapments of skin and blood and set wings to fly away into the sky which is a sad shade of grey.i see them wanting to set sail and reach that little patch of blue which lies beyond the stretch of sky before my eyes.but when i cant set them free,i begin to feel almost miserable, much like the young girl who wanted to wake up and see sunshine,but woke up into a rainy day.
this is all i managed.

Stealing a peep through your blacks and whites today,
I saw how the rains tattoo words of love-
On the earth's brown face,with its small needles of silver.
I saw the clouds make love to the earth,
As they left behind watery kisses-
In secret potholes and puddles.

I saw the woman standing next to her window,
As her fingers groped for a nameless dream,
That lay beyond that grey stretch of sky.
Leaving aside your blacks and whites,I saw her sing,
As rainclouds gathered in her eyes.

P.S: Lousy.I know.


Pongy Papaya said...

shuru r paragraph khuub shundor bhabe lekha.original.sinature.
not like those wannabe-i'm-so-different-and-poetic people(they suck!)
i like the expression..wat rains do to and all..

kobita ta besh shorol..and torol(read:fluid figuratively)
tattoo part ta interesting aar notun..lokjon jhepe nite pare(mane its that fresh aarki)
bhalo kobita..lousy ta tor mone hoe AMAR noe

Pongy Papaya said...

signature* :P

Wolfie Mozart said...

melikes last stanza.

onnesha said...

tui mairi boddo humble.

Arijita said...

i really like the last few lines.Very pretty,indeed.

sujaan said...

i like the first stanza more than the second one (may be i dint understand the 2nd one)...i liked the idea of rains tattooing the earth...

Moon Strummer said...

i agree with onnesha.. eto humble hoyona plis plis.
i told you this rainpoem is good. :)not lousy at all.

i love the tattoo part and the gathering of rainclouds in the woman's eyes.
kudos to your imagery and your humility.


Very nice.
It is always happy to read about rain.Liked the "tatto" imagery also..
Rain in her eyes....
very good.
me too blog.
do visit.

The Mad Girl said...

The last stanza is lovely! especially the bit about rainclouds gathering in her eyes.:). very nice!

Revived Angel... said...

qte dark and mushy like such kinda works.especially the first para.I exclusively liked the watery kisses in potholes and puddles...qte an interesting n novel sort of personification,i must say!

Lucid Darkness said...

Beautiful. :)