Friday, June 27, 2008

mountains,rains and red spots...

Kathmandu is no more what it was.
It is plagued with strikes and the constant debate between monarchy and democracy.
Dhulikhel and Nagarkot are just as pretty as they used to be. The rains seemed to be the finery for the pretty new bride the mountains became...the clouds were like the veil she removed to see us standing awestruck,with her beautiful shy eyes.
and somewhere amidst the running around in Thamel and gambling away in Annapurna and Soaltee,i caught a virus which makes me look like a dead body which has escaped from its far as my eyes stretch,i can only see ugly reddish dots with white centres.
for people who still dont get it-yes,i have chicken pox.and my trip had to be cut short


Moon Strummer said...

i had been to nepal in class two.. it used to be a very beautiful place. politics has destroyed the inherent beauty, i think.

and i think, 'tis the season to be ill.. hugs! get well soon.mwuah!

p.s.:fell down in the bathroom and now i have a swollen ankle and cannot move. :(

Arijita said...

get well soon.

Fishy! said...

Nagarkot rocks.
And chicken pox sucks.
Get well soon!

Rahul Saha said...

Chicken Pox? At this ages? I haven't had it either. *Shudder* Get well soon.

Sroyon said...

Friend of mine got chicken pox in Shimla. I think it's plaguing the hilly regions.

Anonymous said...

hey....thanks for the comment.....get well soon and show those poxes a thing or two!!

solo said...

chicken pox is an awful thing. i was attacked by this when i was in class 2, and i was on a holiday too :(
you get well soon, and take care!

Astraeus said...

aah but u had fun nevertheless

nice nice
seeing other people's happiness is making me very happy these days. trickle down effect i guess


sujaan said...

i loved the pics, in fact saw it with a labmate of mine from nepal...the pics of dhulikhel were especially brilliant; and of course, get well soon!