Thursday, December 6, 2007

i fell down and cut my knee.quite a deep cut.
the dettol burnt the wound.the blood stained my tweed skirt.
i sat through mill on the floss as my socks got wet.
i didnt cry.
the tetanus pinched my skin,the cotton soaked the blood.
i hailed the stopped at IHC.
the plays that day were good.performance went fine.
the claps felt good,but my knee hurt.
i didnt cry.
walked in at room was dark.
the night was cold,so was my dinner.
i looked down from the terrace-not a car on the street.
no one spoke.cigarette smoke filled the air.
i cried,i cried,i cried.


^*^Clouds^*^ said...

I did that blue cloud thingie by putting up a pic from my comp onto the blog header.

And about the is painful..why so?

Neel said...

awwwww! it's crisp and it's got a nice flow in the lines of the stream of consciousness. Blog regularly. You're good.

Shreya said...

that sounds really you smoke nowadays?

Lucid Darkness said...

You could cry. Lucky you.

Dream Baron said...

loneliness and tired of facing the pretensions of one's self world and homesickness...hmmm..

"Ekla manush matri gorve
Ekla manush chitay
Baki ta Ekla na thakar Obhinoy"

the best way to get over it is to get used to i got
And yes even i have got tired of these the world i am a strong confident person with a judicious sense of judgement, where as i am weak disillusioned misunderstood desperate to shed some tears but there is no scope for that.. :-)
i could really connect with wot u've written and trust me u ve got the fibre to face it...let ur ambition be ur cocaine

onnesha said...

bouts of homesickness,perhaps?
the post had that uncertain restlessness about it that somehow made me feel very uneasy.
take care,okay?

little boxes said...

@clouds:well...a scrapped knee in a delhi winter is painful.
@shreya aka grandma:no i dont,just once in two months when the homesickness gets chill
@LD:one of the few things being away from gives you,is the peace that no one's gonna walk in through that door when you cry.
@dream're right.its painful to be two people trapped within that same body which smells of home.
@onnesha:i will i will...chill

Shreya said...

stop smoking!

little boxes said...

i dont smoke baba!!

Anonymous said...

the crying doesn't have its roots in just the bruised knee, does it??

^*^Clouds^*^ said...'s not scrapped is the bruised heart.

Love you.
Take care.

Dream Baron said...

@shreya..wot's with the smoking thing????
its the best thing you can do when your back's against the wall...light one up..focus your thoughts on the fire and let wotever's bothering u up in smokes
and all of a sudden u know wot to do

The Mad Girl said...

Aww!!Homesickness perhaps! or that feeling of loneliness that suffocates? tears are good.

WHAT'S IN A NAME ? said...


Astraeus said...

dont u cry dear.
it will be alrite in sumtime

..and im back to blogging

Fishy! said...

@ Dream Baron: Jesus- you're actually supporting smoking?? I mean, I know people who smoke, but say it's a terrible thing and advise you against taking it up. But you're the first person I've come across who's actually *standing* up for it.
@ Little Boxes: Beautiful post. I can understand bits of it. Hang in there. Everything heals.

Sam said...

hmmm lemme think!!!
pangs of loneliness a time wen u feel terribly alone despite being surrounded by people, doing things u like... its a familiar feeling!!

reminds me of a song in bengali by the band fossils. if you r one, you'll understand else ask soemone to explain it to u...

"ei ekla ghar amar desh, amar ekla thakar obhyesh, ami kichhutei bhabbona tomar kotha boba telephoner pashe boshe....
bondhuder bhireo ekla ekla ami khuje firi lokhhyo amar, paltachhe na ei obosthata jodio palte jaoai dorkar..."

onnesha said...

and off you go on another bout of incommunicado!hrmmmph..

little boxes said...

@inihos:no...a lot more than just a knee
@dream baron:you cant justify being dependant on cigs...u know you are weak if you do.and ppl who smoke,do it fully knowing that its not doing great things to your health
@mad girl:yup...but i am back home now
@astraeus:yeah yeah!
@sam:ofcourse i'm a bengali

Burberry Princess.. said...

fuck thats gorgeous.. u know those rare straight straight straight from the heart types..
i love the way you've used language here,and the emphasis on fullstops, gives the piece character!