Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Did you come to see me the night I ran?
When you, your head swimming in stars, walked through the gate?
Did I come to you with my eyes full of winter,
Asking how many fireflies souls eat to stay up late?

Was it me who sang with the keyboard taps that morning-
After the night they danced under blinking fairylights?
Did you stand still when I held my lenses to your face,
The sunlight bokeh-d on the wall with the stuck on kites?

I forget if it was you or I who blinked first
When rainclouds descended upon your brown eyes.
And the night when the rain finally flew down all the drains and pipes,
I don't remember if it was your sleep I broke with all my sighs.


Aruni RC said...

lost times revisited? I wonder why it is usually loss that brings out the beauty of words.

Astraeus said...

oh god, Beady. This is beautiful. I must be more proactive blogging and visiting other blogs again!

wild iris said...

re-reading, re-re-reading...