Saturday, June 13, 2009


no matter what N says,i've never been a brat.always ate what was given to me,always wore what was bought.i even wore frilly frocks till i was 13 and had mushroom cut till i was 10!
but it's crazy how,at 20,i 've turned into a complete brat these days!if someone orders a pizza i invariably end up craving for phuchkas and if ma buys me a tee i pull a face and say i want a kurta!
no,i'm not proud of it and i'm not enjoying it.
it's like having my ma inside me along with myself-it's like having equal and opposite forces of restraint and freedom withing oneself.
and it is killing me.
but today was fun.met some ten friends at this relief concert i attended.felt really nice.
and yes,i met someone after so long that i tried going down in an ascending escalator!
yes,this is a rant post.kindly pass.


Neel said...

we all have that restraint and freedom within...i guess. that's what makes me so indecisive at times...most of the times... but i also feel that whatever I witness..I try to think about it too deeply because somehow I feel I can see faint visions of the final outcome...which is the end result. But probably due to the opposite and equal forces within...the visions or the realizations take time...which is why the indecision. The indecisiveness is never deliberate.

Monidipa said...

ema, pocha meye hoye jachchhish toh? :P

Kaushik Chatterji said...

Hey obeying your mom till you were 13 does not not make you a brat!

Aruni RC said...

maybe the brat in you is surfacing after being denied in the younger days.
and you notice.... it's fun.

~Moo-lah Buz!nezzz~ said...

you had a mushroom cut??? :P

little boxes said...

@M:ekdom :P
@K:that is precisely what the post is about.i was obedient when i was 13,now i'm a brat
@A::D let's hope so.
@MB:yes yes.for years on end!

sujaan said...

lol, happens to me all the time

Revived Angel... said...

Hey..such hings happen with me as well..i guess these are parts of growing up and voicing one's preferences.

shut up n write! said...

'i even wore frilly frocks till i was 13 and had mushroom cut till i was 10!'
dat ws rly chweet!!!!

Kaushik Chatterji said...

I thought the post was about how obeying your mom till you were 13 does not make you a brat, whereas what I said was that doing so does not not make you a brat.