Saturday, May 9, 2009

sometimes words fail to describe the magic you weaved.
all i have is my humble homage-a silent prayer with my head bowed down~
that you continue weaving that same magic with my thoughts,with my pains and your words.

"Aamar shure lagey tomaar hashi,
jemon dhheuey dhheuey robir kiron doley ashi.
Dibanishi aamio je firi tomar shurer khonje,
hothat e mon bholay kokhon tomar banshi...."


Revived Angel... said...

I believe that any bengali soul around the world whoever can weave words and thoughts into poetry is blessed by his omnipresent hand somewhere..and the way a single soul have changed the outlook and lifestyle of an entire civilisation is worth learning and dat's what is Robi Thakur..

Aruni RC said...

hear, hear.

for every bengali penning his/her thoughts he's the friend of that soul - in joy, sorrow, loss and faith. and true, his magic lives after so many years.
"jibono moroner shimana chharaye, bondhu he amar royechho daraye....."

rahul said...

really nice lines..thankx for translating!!

little boxes said...

@rahul:these arent translations :)

Ibanov, Sir Rekaf said...

I'm not so fluent when it comes to Bengali, so I make do with translations. Loved "Stray Birds".