Monday, April 28, 2008

you and i

when we sat looking at the fan today and listening to that new song,i quite enjoyed the silence between wasn't like those electronic silences we face over the telephone at the dead of night-in an alien city.this silence was like us-breathing,growing and wrapping us in a spell under which no word survived.
and finally when you said that we need to talk,i wanted to run to you and tell you that there's no need anymore.but then,i didn't run because i was there-right next to you,passing on my stories to you through my fingers.and i watched you turn my prosaic stories into songs with quaint tunes...
i watched,i moved and i saw-but never spoke.because you know what,this silence will keep us alive,and we'll be fine without those words which do very little except creating noise.we'll do fine with your quaint little tunes and my inane stories.
and thank you for days like today...
days which bring sunshine in days of thunder.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

scribble from the back of a question paper

was done with it and didnt have anything else to this is what i decided to do after completing a doodle :)
and yes,as a disclaimer,it's lousy and childish...

nascent tears,melted smiles.
lost letters,sepia eyes.
dreams telling you never to dream again-
never to tread upon those
half-eaten memories
of two lives walking side by side.
and yet,like an idiot who never learns,i cry every night.

p.s:i'm home :D

Sunday, April 20, 2008

you know what,your stupidity and utter mindlessness have begun to tick me used to make sense but it seems that you have happily bid that good habit become different people at different times...i mean,dude are you crazy?
really,i mean it in the clinical sort of way.need help?
i am scared for you,i really am.i maybe pissed with you most of the time but i am worried.very worried.are you ok?
will you be ok?
oh damn why the fuck should i care?
i need to get you out of my system.ASAP.

Friday, April 11, 2008


I have begun to hate escapists...people who dont have the balls to face life.they disgust me.we have started fighting a lot but we will pull through it all.tokai and i are sharing a room and we start dancing to 'we like to move it' at 2 am!
3 out of the 5 ordeals are over,and they have been good enough.
And,i met Raghu Rai today *drools*,so life's not all bad.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I've never felt this scared of leaving's not really fright,but this sense of lingering discomfort.maybe because i have exams to take once I'm back there,but that's not the whole of it...there's more to it.and the worst part is that i can't fathom what it really is.
i am scared of planes because they would be unpleasant to die knowing that someone you really like,hates you.i can't die with so many questions left unanswered.
questions populate my head and they,somehow,lose their way in search of answers...into the nothingness the plane floats in.
i don't want to leave...not this time.