Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year!

It's been a Dickensian know,"the best of times,the worst of times" kind.
It's been a year of losses and gains...more or less balanced.A year of a weird way of growing up,experiencing an ascent from the petty world of school-level gossip and bitching.I'm glad i have put all that behind and have learnt to ignore them to a great extent.
i lost some friends,gained some...and fortunately,managed to clear out one of the biggest messes of my life.i met some new people and i thank god for them...they're the kind of people who you dont meet too often,or talk to every now and then,but who you know will take your call when you're in deep shit,even if it happens to be way past midnight.
it's been a year of promises,just like the last one happened to be one of seeing some of the best things come to an end.and like all promises,some ended up being broken but,thankfully,left behind no incurable wound.
it's been a great year for N and me.and for his's hoping he keeps adding tunes to that blue confetti dream we dreamt a couple of years back.
let's hope 2009 doesnt get worse,in case it cant get any better.and that's that.

p.s:have a great year ahead...wish you the best of 2009


Neel said...

You know am a super optimist so it's been a great year for me. Amidst all the misery, arguments, pain, tears, bad mouthing,a lot of things happened which I will never experience again. They are moments which come and go. Some stays at the back of our mind while a few we can never stop talking about. I am grateful to everyone who've been good to me. I have tried to be good to you guys too. Incase i failed there's always 2009. Love you. Happy New Year.

whatever.shit said...

hope the new year takes you to newer heights of happiness and success!

Aruni RC said...

I suppose it's the old 'glass half-empty or half-filled' analogy. Somehow, one feels the urge to fill the half-filled one to the brim.
Happy New year to you. As we all fill in the empty year with our joys and toils. :D

Revived Angel... said...

Happy new year..have a great year ahead..

Lucid Darkness said...

Happy New Year!

Dreamweaver said...

Happy New Year!
Here's hoping 2009 will be everything 2008 wasn't.

solo said...

2008 was kinda bad fr me... here's to hoping this one will b better!
wish u a great yr ahead! :)

Rahul Saha said...

"It's been a Dickensian year"

Funny how it always is.

Ibanov, Sir Rekaf said...