Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i keeping running out of words as i get closer to departure...
it's been a long vacation...met some friends,didn't meet most and i think that's alright...it's a free country-people can do whatever they want to!
i really cant enlist what i will miss about being home...each time i leave,it feels as if a part of me is being kept back.
i am leaving loads behind this time,and hopefully taking some small little nothings back.
yes,i got a laptop and am very happy that at least now i will be able to watch movies during those dreary cold nights which never seem to end.


Fishy! said...

Yaay. You got a laptop. They rock!

Phoenix speaks.... said...

leaving is always hard... sigh!!

Astraeus said...


u will be back sooner than u think
btw i am coming to dilli on 8th august to 17th, i wud need sumone to coordinate stuff wid.
will need to connect with u on that

Dream Baron said...

Yeah, i know that feeling, me leaving on 28th..sigh..it feels good to be going back and yet i cant stop sighing about leaving the city.