Thursday, May 22, 2008

to the yous

to some of the yous in my life...

you#1 you have made me proud! for once,you have made me realise that it's never too wrong to dream. i always thought you to be my little sister whom i would "bring up" with bits and pieces of advice,pep talk and all that.but then,i was wrong.i have so much to learn from you...grit,will and the power of dreams.

you#2 thanks for the was one of the best days of my life-it was WOW!wine glasses,fries,truck driver songs and lots and lots of love.thank you for just being there.we shall do it again sometime.soon.

you#3 with people like you around,the world is definitely a better place.and you stay true to your name-you are MY friend.and though we've met just twice for about five minutes,the time when we hugged each other and cried like babies when we were strangers has been one of the most touching moments of my life!love you


Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

to the yous' in your life and to the yous too, god bless you... :)

(loved the way you wrote this post)

Fishy! said...

Lovely post. Says so much without saying anything much. :)

Pongy Papaya said...

here's to the You,my twin:i louwe u loads.mwuaah.

:: Clouds :: said...

This is a great post!
Haha! Because I'm you#1 :P
Blue is you#2.
Monami is you#3.

Thanks. I have a looot to learn from you, really. and I lovvee you!Mwuah.

P.S. : But i still get to be YOU#1 in your life,right?:P

little boxes said...

@clouds:oh good lord,did you have to kill suspense like that?
and the yous have been ennumbered in no fixed order of preference.
all the three yous form major parts of me.

Pongy Papaya said...

haha! yes i had a 'thing' about the order bit!
a ''hmph'ish kind of thing.
i'm not used to being number3 actually in anything for that matter.
haha! i thought of writing oi why didn't u mention ''not necessarily in that order ewh?''
lol.. issues..even if u hadn't mentioned its not in order of preference
love knows no yardstick..yes.

Neel said...

So long am one of the you' complains...grins!! love you.

sujaan said...

the lucky yous