Saturday, April 28, 2007

-“let’s elope”
-“ya let’s”
-“we will fly away to the hills where no one will know us”
-“and what will we do?”
-“I can work as a cook in some joint and play the guitar with some band at night”
-“I can work in some shop in the mall or maybe a bookstore and teach little kids”
-“...and we'll get a small cottage on top of a hill...”
-“with a small garden...”
-“we will wake up to see the sunrise together...”
-“so when are we leaving?”
-“tonight 1:30 I’ll get a helicopter. Will pick u up from your house. Pack your bags and be ready”
-“yes...sing me a song beneath the window and I will be there”
-“ya I’ll whistle Chiquitita....and you slip out quietly”
-“and by morning we'll be dropped off and there onwards it’s just us
-“and the house?? You know where the keys are? I know!”
-“it’s in the basement of that house which resonates with violin n piano strains..... The one below the dusty road...the wooden grey house”
-“oh achha..i know that one”
-“and we will meet Austin Plant the old English architect who lives down that road some evening over cakes”
-“his wife bakes lovely ones”
-“and then we will walk back...hand in hand.... as our breaths will draw white frozen patterns on our faces”
-“at nights you will stitch our socks n coats because they will be torn of use and we won’t have money to buy new ones. Carry lots of warm clothes and an umbrella
you have asthma in the take precautions”
-“Got to go now. Got tons of packing to do. I will wait-don’t be late”.....


Indranil said...

ah, the sweet innocence!
well conveyed.

onnesha said...


Neel said...

am on my way!

Anonymous said...

cho chweet!!!

onnesha said...

all this mush is getting to me now...and where on earth is 'the dad'???
somebody teach "the man" to blog...grrrrrr!

little boxes said...
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sublimely ordinary. said...


little boxes said...

hey thabks to all of you for appreciating my mushy nonsense

angeleyes said...

dats chooooooooooo chweeeeeeeet......

sujaan said...

cute! simply loved reading it!

jokerman! said...

felt as good as a frog feels at first rain ..