Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunshine on my shoulders...

it rained at home today as i sat in my little room here watching the dust on the road outside.
little grains that flew around touching me, touching the leaves before finally laying itself down on the face of the road.
the heat escaped the heart of the earth and made its way up the crevices and landed as tiny droplets of sweat on my palm.the warm wind that came out from nowhere, took them off my palm and perhaps carried them back to the heart which pined for them.
maybe they shared stories,maybe they talked of me-of how i smile to myself when i stand in a crowded bus or how my feet move to a song i sing inside my head.
they dont share stories where it rained today.they dont hear Joni Mitchell in my head.

sitting here in my little hot room, i saw you many many miles away as you bid goodbye to the blue sky above and let rain form bubbles under your shirt.
as for me, i was happy looking at my palm-watching sweat beads appear and disappear.
i felt your smile in my hair.i knew it was raining at home today.

Monday, April 5, 2010

my love song.

I like to think that I made you up inside my head-much like Plath’s famous Mad Girl. So when the world turned the most beautiful shade of peach during sunset yesterday I knew that in some dusty bylanes of the old city, I met you as you came walking over the dry leaves that crushed under your new shoes. I sat under some nameless tree I think-looking for silkworms in the leaves. And just when I thought that I had made you up inside my head, you touched me-turning me into the most beautiful shade of peach. And we became a part of the dust the sun took away with itself.

I thought it’d be peach again today, but I realised I made that peach up too. So when the sunset turned blue today, I realised that you and I talk only with peach around. And on other days, I’m happy to have you inside my head.