Sunday, April 26, 2009


Some decided to take a walk
and some hailed a bus.
Some blushed some blush on them
and some settled down for tea.
While some did that and some did this,
no one seemed to see-
You sitting down to see the setting sun on my wounded knee.

p.s:written during a theatre lecture...very very random.

Monday, April 20, 2009

BJP has really begun to scare me...Mr. Advani with his shining pate and half smile has begun to stalk me. Anywhere i go,there he is. Their Ad campaign in Delhi is really gloomy-with pictures of children crying and working to pay off their fathers' debts. I know it is a part of the Indian reality but it has always been a part of it...under EVERY government.What is really pissing off are the text messages I am sent-asking me to watch Advaniji speak on blah blah and blah on this or that channel.
I'm not's just that the Congress posters dont scare me as much as the BJP ones.I hate the very concept of advertising one's propaganda like this.
What they dont realise is that, I'm not interested in watching these ads.How can we choose people who will manage the country in the same way we choose our shampoos,detergents and body creams?!
Thanks to the hobos who constitute the committee that draws up voters' lists, my name hasnt been included in either the Delhi list or the Calcutta list. Maybe you should stop smiling down at poor souls like us from those disgusting posters and do something to solve REAL problems.
For once and for all, Mr. Advani (and all the other khadi-clad half smiling wannabe PMs), STOP stalking me around.

P.S: I really want to contest the elections sometime in the mother burst a vein laughing at that.but i'm serious.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i found your letters yesterday.
in the pages of that diary i stopped writing months back...
in small white envelopes,now dirtied with time.
the words in them have stopped meaning anything now...they're just faint imprints of footsteps.
taken for a distance traversed long time back.
we got lost then and havent found our ways back yet.
i thought the envelopes would keep maps that would help me back home.
but all i found were these misleading footprints.
maybe,i will burn them today.

Monday, April 6, 2009

i dont like it when people cry while talking to me.
it leaves me wondering what i should say till that moment comes when this tiny lump forms at the pit of my stomach and starts snowballing into this huge mass of something that climbs up to my throat.
i keep quiet.
and let my eyes take away from the pain of that lump.
and silently feel the little drops slide down my cheekbones and wet my lips.
i keep quiet.
and feel the salt drops seep into the dryness.