Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dear Home,
I heard they hit you again,hit you till you bled and ran wild in the streets.I heard they raped you again and made you run naked infront of those eyes that wanted to devour each bit of your organs.I heard they burnt your soul again and laughed when the last bit of it dissolved in the smoke of burning buses.I heard they smelt your blood till they could no longer distinguish its smell from that of burnt tires.
Maybe they killed you today like they have been killing you over and over again.Maybe this time you're dead for certain,making sure i go back to a ghost town next time.Maybe there I'll find you amidst charred bodies, struggling to spread your wings again and become the phoenix you were destined to be.maybe..

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sea Person

whenever i have been asked whether i liked mountains or seas,i have written "both".having spent consecutive vacations in the mountains,i had really forgotten how seasides felt.
i am in the andamans after 13 years.i remember having been here in 1996 when my father was posted in Port Blair.after that,i really dont remember having taken a trip to the seas except that one swim in Digha with really sleazy people in a really dirty beach.
seas do to me what mountains can never do.they are like real people who act slightly coy when you dont get too close to them-they come to you once in a while,touch your feet and invite you, with alluring hues, to get closer.and once you do get close, they begin playing with you like some long lost childhood friend-greeting you,throwing you off your feet, letting you get up again and embracing you into that vast blue body of theirs.and when you finally come out of the seas, you feel fresh just as you would feel after meeting a friend after years.
unlike mountains,i can go on looking at seas for hours at end-anytime of the day.unlike mountains which never change,seas become green,white and blue infront of your eyes.the waves come to you with thoughts and once they retrace, you feel they've taken away all the dirt that was in you.
seas calm me down in a way mountains never can.
yes,i am a sea person.

p.s: the picture was taken at the Radha Nagar Beach in Havelock Island,Andaman. incidentally, this beach was declared the best beach in Asia by the Time magazine