Thursday, November 15, 2007

fevered ramblings

there i was.writhing in pain in someone else's bed-looking up at the ceiling of someone else's house.the fever split my head and i cried-hoping someone would listen.anyone.
hoping someone would come and put that palm on my forehead,say something to ease the pain.the tears made it even more unbearable,i couldn't get the sleep i so needed.
i called him up.once,twice,thrice.this time he shouted.there's only so much a man can take.
i couldn't go on like an alien land,with a throbbing head,with a burning body.
i remembered what she had written in my diary:
"i'm sure we will always stay this way.even though you're such a chatterbox,you say it best when you nothing at all."...and here i was-crying in pain,howling for some human form by my side-tired of relating my pain to the walls.couldn't she hear me this time?what happened to the promises?forgotten with the boxes of shared tiffin?
out of sight,out of mind?well,maybe.maybe distance IS too strong an opponent for love....
it's amazing how philosophical you can get with a 100+ temperature.of the many things that you realise,the foremost is the fact that nothing stays-love,friendship,promises...nothing.
you begin to find the truth in the age old statement of man being an island.waves come,waves go...the water flows across leaving behind faint trails which get hidden under the sands of time.the waves come again,drench the island with life...and leave.this goes on till there is no island anymore.just one whole expanse of sea-no land in sight,no life around-just an endless and eternal ring of silence....
"...Then the busy years went rushing by us-
we lost our starry notions on the way.
if by chance i'd see you in the tavern,
we'd smile at one another and we'd say,
those were the days,my friend-
we thought they'd never end..."
~Bobby Vinton